World of Wife Swapping and Wife Sharing

Husbands who share their wives

From Playboy Tv Swing a nice series about wife sharing and wife swapping.
First time couples who have not done any wife sharing before and put them into a house with others who are experienced.

Exploring their sex life, they usually end up really enjoying the experience. There are no jealousy or trust issues as it is purely consensual intercourse between couples.

No emotions or relationship strings

The best rule no repeats


An excellent explanation about cuckold made by kelsey obsession on youtube. She points out the dangers and pontificates that “setting boundaries” is very important. You have to keep the caring aspect and mutual love, above all fetish turn-ons.
A must rule is having no repeats. Never be with the same guy twice. That means, no emotions, relationship strings or temptations as in multiple encounters. People feel things in intimacy.
More videos about cuckold lifestyle to be found.

Woman living with two guys

Sharing one woman

It really depends on who you are.¬†Living with two guys¬†doesn’t work for everybody. It has to be a part of your sexuality and nature. Accept and be accepted. But the proof that anyone can be happy in this video is so. A true testimony of someone who shares his entimidade with two men at the same time.


The world of Cuckold


Cuckold historically referred to a husband with an adulterous wife and is still often used with this meaning. In evolutionary biology, the term cuckold is also applied to males who are unwittingly investing parental effort in offspring that are not genetically their own.

Since the 1990s, the term has also been widely used to refer to a sexual fetish in which the fetishist is stimulated by their committed partner choosing to have sex with someone else.

Psychology regards cuckold fetishism as a variant of masochism, the cuckold deriving pleasure from being humiliated. In Freudian analysis, cuckold fetishism is the eroticization of the fears of infidelity and of failure in the man’s competition for procreation and the affection of females. In his book Masochism and the Self, psychologist Roy Baumeister advanced a Self Theory analysis that cuckolding (other forms of sexual masochism) among otherwise mentally healthy people was a form of escapism. In this theory, cuckold fetishists are relieving themselves of the stress of the burden of their social role and escaping into a simpler, less-expansive position.

According to these theories, the cuckold fetishist seeks pleasure both from the act of being humiliated and by giving pleasure to his lover(s). But cuckolding can be summed psychologically as “distributing sexual humiliation to the cuckold”. If a couple can keep the fantasy in the bedroom, or come to an agreement where being cuckolded in reality does not damage the relationship, they may try it out in reality. However, the primary proponent of the fantasy is almost always the one being humiliated, or the “cuckold”: he usually convinces his lover to participate in the fantasy for him, though other “cuckolds” may prefer their lover to initiate the situation instead. The fetish fantasy does not work at all if the cuckold is being humiliated against his will.

Humiliation is “the feeling of being put down, made to feel less than one feels oneself to be.”Psychologist Evelin Lindner calls humiliation “the nuclear bomb of the emotions”, claiming it is an order of magnitude more powerful than any other, causing everything from interpersonal conflicts to international terrorism.” According to psychoanalysis, any feeling can become sexualized if it is somehow favorably associated with sex, especially in childhood. Because humiliation is such a powerful emotion, if an individual sexualizes it, they can in turn obtain intense sexual feelings. (from